Sign the Petition to Canonize Saint Marcell Lefebvre

Without the Saintly Archbishop Lefebvre, there would be no Society, there would be no Una Voce, there would be no Fraternity.  Without Venerable Archbishop Lefebvre there would be no Institute, there would be no Norcia, there would be no Summorum Pontificum.  Without Archbishop Lefebvre, the Mass of All Time, the Mass, as codified in Quo Prmium, o’ where, oh, where would it be?  Use the comments section below as your petition, to tell the Vatican why the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre will be declared venerable or canonized.  Thank you, and God Bless you.

4 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Canonize Saint Marcell Lefebvre”

  1. I grew up in the post-Vatican II church. Even though I was alive during the pontificates of Paul VI and John Paul I, I really only knew Pope John Paul II.

    Even as a young child, the Novus Ordo Missae and the post-Vatican II church were uninspiring and felt spiritually vacant. At one point in my adult years, I considered leaving the Catholic Church for the Greek Orthodox. I began to seriously explore the changes in the Mass and the Church, I came across the SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre. While attempting to learn more about him, I naturally heard about the excommunications and the “schism.” So, I explored these matters further. Though I am no canon lawyer, it seemed that the greatest offense committed by Archbishop Lefebvre was being Catholic.

    I eventually attended my first High Mass at an SSPX chapel. For the first time in my life, I understood why so many saints were willing to die for the Faith. For the first time, I understood what the Eucharist was; what the Mass was. Thanks to the courage of Archbishop Lefebvre, I have been able to regularly assist at Holy Mass celebrated by the Institute of Christ the King.

    I used to joke that for me, the greatest miracle of John Paul II’s pontificate was remaining Catholic. In truth, I am a devout Catholic, because of Archbishop Lefebvre’s courage and willingness to suffer for Holy Mother Church. For this, I say: Deo Gratias, this prodigal son came home.

  2. I am praying for 8 people diagnosed with serious cancer, entrusting them to the powerful intercession of Saint Marcel Lefebvre. 3 are now completely cancer free and I am certain the other five will also become so. Thank you dearest Saint Marcel for having the courage to stand for your convictions. We need your strength more than ever before. Saint Marcel Lefebvre… our Saint for our time!

  3. I am a convert from Pentecostal Protestanism 1980. My journey has led me to the Latin Mass and I believe truly this is THE EVERLASTING MASS. I thank God for revealing this TRUTH to me. I discovered the Archbishop recently and I admire his strength and fortitude for not compromising the Holy Mass and holding firm to the Traditions of Holy Catholic Church. This is the way for every Catholic to enter into holiness. May God Almighty grant him SAINTHOOD.

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